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900 Las Vegas Blvd S.

Las Vegas, NV 89104




Daily 11:00am-10:00pm




What is it?

A small slice of heavean serving some of the best sandwiches in Las Vegas.

Where is it?

On Las Vegas Boulevard in Downtown Las Vegas near the Fremont Street Experience.

What kind of food is served?

Creative and inventive sandwiches with some interesting add-ons that shouldn't be missed.

What is the atmosphere like?

Post industrial chic with some whimsical artwork.

How is the service?

Friendly and fast.

What are the prices like?

A bargain, especially for food this good. You can do it for under $10 and go all out for under $15.

What else do I need to know?

This is the same place that used to operate out of a small shack down the street.

What's the bottom line?

The best sandwiches in Las Vegas.



A couple of places spring to mind when thinking about places in Vegas to score a really good sandwich. Capriotti's, of course, and their massive sub sandwiches laden with deli goodness. And Earl of Sandwich, naturally, not just because it's from the family of the guy who invented the sandwich in the first place.

But both of them could take a backseat to The Goodwich, which very well may need to rename itself Bestwich.

When they first openend they were on a grungy part of The Strip between the Stratosphere and Downtown, opearting out of nothing more than a take-out hut. There was no dining area unless you want to eat it in your car or get it delivered into Dino's Lounge next door.

Now they are in a full-service, sit-down restaurant on the bottom floor of a nice condo building about four or five blocks south of the Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas. It has a cute outdoor patio and a whimsical post-industrial interior - concrete and exposed ductwork with splashes of color and humor in the artwork. Check out the big pig above the kitchen and the Campbell's soup can wallpaper. There are only a handful of seats inside, so be prepared to dine al fresco if they are busy.

The menu is significantly expanded from their grab and go hut days.

There are more than a dozen sandwiches ranging from simple grilled cheese and PBB&J (peanut butter, seasonal pepper jam, and bacon) all the way up to more "extreme" eats like their BLTG with house bacon, tomato, greens, and cheddar bacon grits; a chicken confit with peperade and crispy chicken skin; and an egg salad with crispy chorizo and pickled onion. In between are modern takes on the Reuben, ham, turkey, and more plus some veggie options like a green pea falafel and tomato with aioli and smoked sea salt.

Be sure to check out their "Pig of the Week" sandwich, which has creations that rotate frequently. A recent option was the "Pig Vert," made out of butt and belly pork, green chile, pepperjack, and chicharrones. I remember one called the "El Pig," with pork butt plus black beans and avocado. This is worth keeping an eye on.

I went for the Patty - their version of a patty melt, served on toasted thick white bread with a beef burger that was one of the freshest I have tasted anywhere. I wanted to check out back to see if there was a cow that had just made the sacrifice so I could have a really, really good meal. The cream cheese made it a bit sweet, the pepperjack added a kick, the onion gave it a tang, and I piled on a fried egg just because I felt like my cholesterol was a little low that day and tied together the whole thing perfectly.

We also sampled the Hawkeye, their version of the traditional pork tenderloin that is a Midwest favorite. This came with a delicious piece of crispy pork on a soft bun loaded up with green chile ketchup, mayo/mustard, pickles, and onion making it a fun, modern update on a classic.

They also have some salads and a few sides like flavored potato chips (the jalapeno-sour cream are fantastic), quinoa, kale slaw, and house pickles.

Prices are so low that you may forget you are in Las Vegas. There is nothing on the menu over $10 and most of the sandwiches are in the $6-8 range. Three of us had sandwiches, chips, and drinks and it came to about $40 with tax and tip. That's the price you'd pay for one person at a significantly inferior sit down restaurant on The Strip.

Sorry Capriotti's... your sandwiches are great, but The Goodwich's are the best.