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Crystals at CityCenter

3720 Las Vegas Blvd. S.

Las Vegas, NV 89109




Sun-Thu 11am-11pm

Fri-Sat 11am-12am




What is it?

Terrific concept, terrific food, terrific atmosphere, and did I mention terrific?

Where is it?

At Crystals at CityCenter mall on the South Strip.

What kind of food is served?

Pub grub but with lots of original twists and turns.

What is the atmosphere like?

Fun, lively, and airy but loud.

How is the service?

Among the best in town.

What are the prices like?

Moderate and totally worth every penny.

What else do I need to know?

Be sure to look at The Carvery section of the menu.

What's the bottom line?

One of the best restaurants in town.



Chef Todd English is mostly known in Vegas for his fantastic Italian/Mediterranean restaurant Olives at Bellagio, but he is rapidly expanding his empire both in and out of the city. In addition to his original Olives in Boston, English has more than a half-dozen other eateries in Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, and Florida and now is expanding his empire in Vegas with Todd English P.U.B., both at Crystals mall at CityCenter.

The pub concept is well worn one, but the inventiveness with which the P.U.B. (Public Urban Bar) is executed makes it stand out, both from a culinary and cost standpoint.

The room is busy and noisy the way a true pub should be, with warm wooden booths, lots of tables, a big center bar with multiple televisions showing various sports, an exhibition kitchen, and a dining patio tucked into a cove between Crystals and Aria Las Vegas. Lots of natural light spills in giving it an airy feeling and the hustle and bustle lends an energy that is lacking in a lot of other restaurants of this nature. It's appealing from the moment you step foot inside.

That big bar serves up dozens of beers from around the world in bottles and on tap, most of which you have never heard of unless you are a true hops connoiseur. Servers act as beer sommeliers and can recommend the right lager to go with whatever you're having to eat. If you're not an ale fan, the wine list is even bigger.

The menu is pub grub taken to the extreme. It starts with a raw bar serving up oysters, shrimp, lobster, and crab claws and then moves into a snacks and appetizers section with everything from grilled soft pretzels and spicy chicken wings with blue cheese to "filthy" chicken bits with a maple soy and scalion aioli or Welsh rarebit. We tried the corn dog puppies, mini cocktail weenies in a crispy fried breading and the prime rib beef chili. The latter was superb, not too spicy, and a meal all by itself.

The Carvery section of the menu is especially noteworthy. You get to choose from a variety of meats (prime beef, sirloin, roasted chicken, brisket, lamb, duck, turkey, salmon, pastrami, etc.), sauces (horseradish, pineapple mint jelly, blue cheese fondue, and more), and breads (sour dough, pita, whole white, English muffin, rye, and on and on). The whole thing is presented at the table as a do it yourself sandwich platter and is great for sharing among friends and family. The prime beef was slow roasted and tender beyond belief while the roasted chicken was so moist that it was practically dripping.

Burgers and sliders go from beef to bison to pastrami and lobster while a grill section serves up a foot long kobe hot dog, bangers & mash, fish 'n chips, and an amazing grilled cheese sandwich made with creamy brie and bacon. The latter was probably my favorite thing on the table and it had lots and lots of competition for the title.

Oh but we're not done yet. Pot pies, salads, and sides round out the offerings and how you're going to make your selection from this long list of winners is something I can't help you with. Close your eyes and point - you'll probably end up with something fantastic.

A shorter dessert menu also brings the fun with warm bread pudding with cap'n crunch cereal, milk shakes or floats of varying flavors, a rum roasted banana sundae, and a cookies and cream platter stuffed with everything from a giant oreo to a red velvet cupcake alongside chocolate and vanilla ice cream. I highly recommend the "Little Pillows of Heaven," which are essentially fried dough, sugared and filled with a fluffy pastry cream and served with ice cream. They are lighter in texture and taste than you'd expect from fried dough and absolutely devourable.

Prices are moderate, which is a rare find for any restaurant on The Strip and certainly for one this good. You can easily do a full meal here for around $25 per person (not including beverages, tax, or tip) although if you go crazy with the appetizers and load up on the carvery meats (and why not?) you can certainly go higher than that without trying too hard.

The service was exceptional with a wait staff that was not only attentive but highly knowledgeable about the more arcane menu and bar options.

One important note is that this place seems to be an instant smash success and wait times without a reservation can be long, especially when there is a big game on. Call ahead and make sure you can get a seat so you don't have to stand there salivating as all the great food passes you by.

The exceptional quality and quantity of the food and beverages plus great service and moderate costs have combined to make Todd English P.U.B. one of my favorite restaurants in Las Vegas.