Hooters Casino Hotel


Hooters Casino Hotel
Location: Just Off The Strip
115 East Tropicana
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Contact: 800-522-7366
Number of Rooms: 696 Rooms
Rates: $59 and up double
Average: Avg. $75-$150 per night
Resort Fee: $26 per night plus tax
Vegas4Visitors Rating: 66

At a Glance


Friendly staff, good location.


Needs some updating (which it is getting in 2017).

Location: 9

Just a few steps from the South Strip madness

Price: 7

Can be cheap but…

Value: 5

You get what you pay for.

Rooms: 6

Fine but nothing special.

Casino: 6

Very densely packed but festive.

Amenities: 6

Lacking extras.

Facilities: 6

Plenty of food, not much entertainment.

Service: 10

Friendly and always smiling.

Fun: 7

A lively joint.

Bonus: 4

Needs some love.

Total: 66

Full Review

After being purchased out of bankruptcy in 2015, Hooters finally has gotten some good news in the form of plans that virtually the entire hotel will get redone in 2017 – the rooms, the casino, the restaurants, the pool, and more. It needs it.

I think the world can be boiled down into three different types of people There’s those who think the concept of a Hooters Hotel & Casino is a cool thing, those who think it’s one of the signs of the apocalypse, and those that are somewhere in the middle.

I’m in the middle.

For those of you living in a cave or, perhaps somewhere with a slightly less tolerant attitude toward the “sex sells” mantra, Hooters is a chain of restaurants around the country that is mostly famous for its Hooters Girls – a bevy of buxom lasses that serve the food wearing very short shorts and very tight baby-doll t-shirts. You can say that it’s more about the “we’re in on the joke” humor, casual atmosphere, and generously portioned servings of hearty American food, but really let’s all just accept the fact that it’s about the women and move on with our lives, shall we?

The formerly dingy San Remo Hotel, located just behind the Tropicana on Tropicana Boulevard got a Hooters makeover a few years back, from the “Florida casual” theme (think lots of orange, bleached wood, and beach décor) to the aforementioned girls. It’s miles, leagues, and light-years ahead of what the hotel used to be (a dump) but I have to say there is a certain amount of “painting the pig” going on. And the pig needs some more painting to be honest. Financial troubles beset the owners almost since Hooters day one and they didn’t do a great job of keeping up with the Vegas Joneses. It is still better than it used to be, but this should be viewed as budget accommodations and absolutely nothing else.

The main floor has a smallish casino with lots of slots and a few gaming tables, several of which are manned (or womaned, I suppose) by Hooters Girls. There are several restaurants including a Steak ‘n Shake around the perimeter plus bars, lounges, a gift shop, a small video arcade, and more. They have packed a lot into a very small area so personal space is at a minimum.

The rooms, which are a marked improvement over the old hotel’s offerings, are basic and pretty worn these days. They have a beach theme, with plank wood headboards, armoire, desk, and vanities plus plenty of orange to go around. They have just about everything you need including a nice, big TV with in-room movies, a dressing table, several mirrors, iron and board, coffee maker, safe, hair dryers, and high-speed Internet..

Note that the dirt-cheap rates they offer (as low as $22 a night) are for the “Bungalow” rooms, located in two-story motel style buildings out by the pool. If price is your absolute main concern and you don’t care about absolutely anything else (like comfort), go for it. Others will want to look elsewhere. By the way, rooms in the Bay View tower have balconies – a rarity in Las Vegas

And yes, there are Hooters Girls all over the place, from waitresses to blackjack dealers and everything in between, but keep in mind that there are other employees as well. Don’t expect to have your room service delivered by a hot chick in tight shorts.

The staff was unfailingly polite and efficient with a real “down home” atmosphere — employees calling you “sweetheart” and “darling.” Whether you prefer that over being called “sir” or “ma’am” by one of those drones in a way-too-expensive suit is totally your call.

When they first opened they were charging some fairly ridiculous rates but that has calmed down a lot, with tower rooms going for as low as $59 a night during the week and $99 on the weekends (plus a $26 per night resort fee). That’s a pretty good deal for a hotel this well located but remember: you get what you pay for.