Divas Las Vegas


Divas Las Vegas
The Linq
3535 Las Vegas Blvd. S.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Sat-Thu 9:30pm
Vegas4Visitors Grade: B

At a Glance

What is it?

A female impersonator show starring Frank Marino that features lots of guys dressed up like famous women.

Where is it?

In a nicely updated theater at The Linq on the Center Strip.

Is it worth the cost?

The show can be a lot of fun so if you can get in the spirit of things then absolutely.

Why should I see this show?

Because you can’t afford to see the real Lady GaGa or Celine.

What else do I need to know?

This should be obvious but if the idea of guys dressed up like women bothers you, don’t come see this show.

What’s the bottom line?

There used to be a lot of female impersonator shows in Vegas but there are few left these days. That alone makes it worth a visit.

Full Review

La Cage was a female impersonator show at The Riviera that ran forever, it seemed. Hosted by Joan Rivers impersonator Frank Marino, it featured a series of men dressed as famous women singers, lip-syncing to their greatest hits.

Divas Las Vegas is a female impersonator show at The Linq. It’s hosted by Joan Rivers impersonator Frank Marino, and features a series of men dressed as famous women singers, lip-syncing to their greatest hits.

I’m not saying that as a bad thing, but if you’re looking for something completely different in your female impersonator show, you won’t find it here. Although, I guess if something works why mess with the formula?

Marino is a genial hostess, keeping the evening moving with a wardrobe of audacious Bob Mackie-esque gowns that is almost as big as her catalogue of groan-worthy jokes.

The acts may vary but on the night I visited there was Celine Dion, Lady GaGa, Madonna, Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, Bette Midler, Liza Minelli, Tina Turner, Dolly Parton, and Cher of course. Having a Cher in a female impersonator show may be a law. Since the lovely ladies are not actually singing, it’s all about the visuals here and of the ones I saw the GaGa and Britney were probably the best; squint a bit and you may not know you aren’t seeing the real thing. Backed by a cadre of buff, often shirtless male dancers, their versions of “Just Dance” and “Circus” respectively were highlights of the evening.

Most of the impressions are played straight (so to speak), attempting to create accurate visual representations of the people they are impersonating, but there are a couple of just for laughs numbers including a Beyonce “Single Ladies” bit involving a plus-sized version of the singer battling her back-up dancers for food. Cute.

If it isn’t obvious from the fact that its a female impersonator show, take heed that this is definitely a grown-up show with lots of R-Rated material included. This is not a drag show, so the camp factor is fairly low, but it’s still men in dresses, which may not be everyone’s cup of herbal tea.

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