Silverado Steakhouse


Silverado Steakhouse
South Point
9777 Las Vegas Blvd. S.
Las Vegas, NV 89183
Sun-Thu 5-10pm
Fri-Sat 5-11pm
Restaurant Type: Steak/Seafood
Vegas4Visitors Rating: B

At a Glance

What is it?

Traditional steakhouse done with tradition.

Where is it?

At South Point, just south of The Strip.

What kind of food is served?

Good steaks, seafood, and plenty of other standards.

What is the atmosphere like?

Warm and casual.

How is the service?

Very good – like old-world style gourmet.

What are the prices like?

Very reasonable.

What else do I need to know?

The hotel has lots of good, middle-of-the-road restaurants like this one in case steak isn’t your thing.

What’s the bottom line?

A good alternative to the pricey steakhouses on The Strip

Full Review

I know, I know… not another steakhouse. Trust me, that’s kind of how I felt before going here. Almost every hotel has at least one and I have eaten at most of them and already identified the few that are really the best (that would be Old Homestead and Strip House).

But does that mean you should ignore all others? Especially when they are very good and affordable and has great service? Of course not, hence this review.

Silverado Steakhouse at South Point is all of the above; a casual, comfortable steakhouse that may not challenge you or send you away raving but will provide you with a very good meal at a very, very good price.

The room is warm and inviting – soft lighting and muted earth tones make the stark black and white cowboy themed photographs on the walls really pop. It isn’t stuffy or overly precious like some steakhouses can be.

The menu is fairly basic – mostly seafood based appetizers, soups and salads include French Onion and Caesar among others, entrees have all the bases covered including chicken, pork, seafood, and lamb plus the steaks of course – filet, rib-eye, New York strip, and prime rib.

But there are a few eyebrows raised items sprinkled amongst the standards. For instance, we tried the crispy duck spring rolls served with a warm plum sauce and couldn’t have been happier with our choice.

All entrees and steaks include a house salad, tossed to order at the table, and a baked potato, loaded with sour cream, butter, chives, and bacon bits also tableside. The fact that you get what most restaurants charge you extra for is noteworthy and the presentation – it’s like a little show! – makes it feel special.

We tried various steaks for our entrees and for the most part everything was well-prepared and flavorful, although my filet was a little less done than I had requested. The good news is that it had a smoky robust taste that helped define it from a run of the mill steak and accompanying sauces can add an extra zing.

A full dessert menu is more adventurous than the regular menu with things like peach bread pudding and Baked Alaska alongside the more standard creme brulee, cheesecake, and flourless chocolate molten cake. The latter was served with wild cherry ice cream, a nice twist.

As mentioned, prices are extremely reasonable – appetizers are all $13 and big enough to serve a table of four, soups and salads are $8, steaks and prime rib range from $19-$36, and the other entrees go from $22-38. That’s cheaper than most steakhouses (especially on The Strip) charge for an ala carte entree and remember these come with salad and potato.

The service was fantastic throughout the meal – friendly, knowledgeable, almost old-world.

The Silverado Steakhouse is not the best or cheapest or most noteworthy steakhouse in town but it is definitely worth knowing about – fine meals at affordable prices are few and far between in this town.

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