Sky Zone


Sky Zone
7440 Dean Martin Dr. Suite 201
Las Vegas, NV 89139
Daily 3pm-9pm
Vegas4Visitors Rating: B+

At a Glance

What is it?

An indoor trampoline facility with multiple arenas and amusements.

Where is it?

Just south and west of The Strip.

Is it worth the cost?

For kids, absolutely.

What else do I need to know?

It’s primarily a place for children.

What’s the bottom line?

One of the few good family-friendly options in Vegas.

Full Review

It still surprises people that there is very little for children to do in Las Vegas. Why that’s the case is a bit beyond me. I mean after all, this is a town that touts its licentious atmosphere (even if it just a facade) and makes the bulk of its money off of at least four of the seven deadly sins. This is not exactly what you would call a “family friendly” city.

So parents, pay attention, because I’m about to point you to one of the few good options in Vegas for children, one in which you will be grateful that they are literally bouncing off the walls.

Sky Zone is a nationwide chain of amusement centers that allow kids (and adults if they desire) the chance to bounce, jump, twirl, play, leap, and otherwise amuse themselves on massive trampolines. Their outlet in Vegas is about four miles south of The Strip, just across the freeway from the Las Vegas Premium Outlets South and Town Square shopping centers, so it’ll require a rental car or a cab to get there, but that’s the price you pay for bringing your kids to Vegas.

There are multiple arenas that are all basically the same, with segments of trampolines making up the floor and angled walls. These are used for structured events like dodgeball games and for unstructured time where people can just bounce as much as they want. They usually restrict arenas or parts of them to similar ages so you don’t need to worry that your toddler is going to get mowed down by an overly exuberant teen (or vice versa, perhaps). All of the arenas are monitored constantly by attendants who will shut down anything that might put someone in danger, either to themselves or others.

They also have a foam pit, wherein you bounce on a trampoline and jump into a big pit full of foam blocks, and a basketball hoop that you can practice your slam dunking skills on with the aid of a trampoline boost.

In additional to the dodgeball tournaments, they also offer exercise classes, teen focused events, and more so check their website for schedules and details.

Other parts of the facility including party rooms, a snack bar, and even a comfy lounge where parents can go get away from the sound and fury for a few minutes.

Although the website shows pictures of happy, shiny grown ups bouncing around, playing basketball, and generally having a good time, make no mistake about it: this is primarily a distraction for children. That’s great for those with them, but those without who wanted to work out their Cirque du Soleil acrobat fantasies will probably be disappointed.

Costs are not bad, considering that this is such a complete experience. 30 minutes starts at $11 and it goes up to $26 for two hours. You’ll lose more than that in a couple of hands of blackjack, so two hours of amusement for your children, that you can also view as a form of exercise, seems like a bargain.

It’s worth noting that the facility is a bit challenging to find. It’s visible from the freeway but to get there you have to go down Dean Martin Drive, find the right industrial warehouse park among the sea of industrial warehouse parks in this neighborhood, and then wander through said park until you find the right massive warehouse. The building they are in is not visible from the street, so you (or your cab driver) need(s) to pay attention.