Planning Your Trip to Las Vegas

Whether you’ve been to Vegas a dozen times or are thinking of taking the plunge for the first time ever, planning a trip to Vegas can be an overwhelming experience. When should you go? How do you get the best deals? Where are the best rooms and how do you get them? What’s the best way to choose a show or attractions or restaurant?

With so many choices – hundreds of hotels, thousands of restaurants, dozens of airlines, shows, and attractions – it’s easy to see why many people just take the first thing they can find and wind up not having the best Vegas vacation they could.

This section will help you design your perfect getaway by giving you some real-world, practical advice on planning and executing the perfect trip to Las Vegas.

Getting To and Getting Around In Las Vegas

Getting to Las Vegas and getting around once you do offer up their own unique challenges. Although billions are spent every year to ensure that as many people (and their money) can get into the city and to the casinos as expediently as possible, it doesn’t mean that it is actually easy (and often not even expedient).

This section is designed to help you understand the basics of Las Vegas transportation from the airlines to the airport, taxis to buses, rental cars, and more.

Staying Safe In Las Vegas

Although Las Vegas is, by and large, a relatively safe place it is still a large American city with all of the usual pitfalls and perils associated with them. In addition, the fact that this is primarily a tourist driven economy that delights in moving huge amounts of money around from huge amounts of people means there are additional risks that you should be aware of.

This section is designed to help you stay safe and healthy during your visit to Las Vegas.

Special Needs Travel

For some, going to Vegas is not as easy as throwing the thong in the suitcase and heading for the airport. People with disabilities, seniors, those traveling with kids or pets, LGBTQ travelers, or even people who are thinking of getting married in Vegas have special needs that should be considered before they get to town.