Las Vegas for People Traveling with Pets

For a long time visiting Las Vegas meant leaving Fluffy and Fido at home. But now, many of the major resorts on and off The Strip are allowing pets. There are plenty of restrictions (size and number of animals) and it will cost you extra (anywhere from $25-$40) but if you absolutely can’t leave home without your furry best friend, it could be worth it.

Chief among the major Strip resorts to offer the service are the hotels in the Caesars Entertainment family which includes Caesars PalaceParis Las VegasHarrah’sBally’sRio, and Flamingo. Their PetStay program allows up to two dogs up to 50 pounds each and includes food and water bowls, waste bags, dog treats, and more. For information visit PetStay online.

But let’s be realistic here… even though you can bring your pet, should you? After all, they can’t gamble or drink alcohol, so how much fun are they going to have? But seriously, although you’ll be able to take them through the public areas of the hotels while on a leash, you can’t bring them to the blackjack table, the restaurant, the show, or the roller coaster with you so they’ll be spending most of the time being bored in the room. Doesn’t doggie day care sound like a better idea?