Marijuana Laws

Nevada legalized recreational marijuana in 2017, so yes, you can come to Vegas and go to the nearest pot shop and get yourself all the legal weed you want.

But hold on, dude. Once you buy the stuff it gets a little more complicated.

The one major hitch with the new legal pot laws in Nevada is that it is illegal to smoke it everywhere except in your own home. That means anyone who visits Vegas can buy it but can’t consume it unless they get an invitation from some guy you met in line (bad idea, for the record). Other states that have legalized pot have solved this by allowing pot lounges, where public consumption of the non-smoking varieties is allowed. But Nevada is taking a “wait and see” approach, saying that the earliest those types of places might open in 2019 if then. And no casino is going to come within a million miles of opening one of those anytime soon so you can forget about having an edible and walking around the corner to see Mystere. Also, by the way, don’t smoke it in your room, even in one that allows smoking. You’ll get hit with a hefty cleaning fine.

So my recommendation is to get the edible variety if you are so inclined. You can have a brownie anywhere and nobody is going to care what the ingredients are.

Either way, though, there’s one more thing you need to think about. So there you are, loaded down with legal marijuana after your trip to Vegas, and you’re at the airport and you realize, this isn’t a good idea (because it’s illegal to have it on airport property or travel with it). Well, now you have an option to get rid of it. Just look for the green “amnesty” bins, which allow you to dump your stash without fear of penalty. There are eight of them scattered throughout the airport.

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