Tipping Guide

The most important guideline about tipping is that in Vegas, just as in any other city, it is at your discrection. If the service you are receiving is not up to your standards, don’t feel like you have to tip “just because.”

Having said that, most of the people who work in the service industry in Vegas (and anywhere else for that matter), depend upon your tips to help them get above what is often not a lot more than minimum wage. So if you can blow $20 on a slot machine without a care in the world, why not match that $20 in tips to someone you encounter who made your stay in Vegas more pleasant.

Here are a few guidelines for who to tip and how much, but remember, these are just guidelines. If you win big at the tables, nobody is going to complain if you are more generous with your gratuitites.


Tipping Guide
Taxi/Uber/Shuttle/Limo Driver 15-20% of the fare
Valet Parking $2-3 for check in
$2-5 for check out
Bellman $1-2 per bag (more for heavy luggage)
Housekeeping $3-5 per night (more for messy rooms)
Waiter/Waitress 15-20% (even if comped)
Buffet Waiter/Waitress $1-2 per diner
Cocktail Server $1-2 per drink, including non-alcoholic (even if its free)
Bartender $1-2 per drink (ditto)
Showroom Maitre d’ These are rare these days, but $10-20 for better seats
Dealers Varies – often $5 for big wins or great hands
Hand Pay Jackpots $20-$100 per attendant depending on the size of the win.

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