Location: Encore Las Vegas
3121 Las Vegas Blvd. S.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Contact: 702-770-0097
Hours: Fri-Mon 10pm-4am
Nightlife Type: Dance
Vegas4Visitors Rating: A

At a Glance

What is it?

A big, high-energy dance club and by big, I mean big… at 40,000 square-feet the indoor/outdoor space is one of the biggest in Vegas.

Where is it?

At Encore Las Vegas on the North Strip.

What kind of crowd does it draw?

Mostly tourists and mostly in their 20’s and 30’s, although because it is expensive and in an expensive hotel, you get a more well-heeled bunch.

What are the prices like?

Very expensive. Cover is $20 for women and between $30-50 for men. Drink prices are similarly high.

When is the best time to go?

Monday is a fun night that draws more locals but Friday and Saturday are still the best nights for the biggest crowds.

Why should I go here?

Because you want a high-energy nightclub but want a higher class affair than most in Vegas.

What else do I need to know?

They have a strict dress code: no hats, oversized jeans, baggy clothing, or athletic wear. Dress to impress to come here.

What’s the bottom line?

One of the best nightclubs in Vegas.

Full Review

Similar in layout and décor to former sister club Tryst at Wynn Las Vegas, the massive XS nightclub at Encore is another winner in the crowded Sin City party spot marketplace.

Laid out in concentric semi-circles of booths and tables, all facing a big dance floor in the center, the décor of the place is all dark wood with bursts of gold and pink, which doesn’t really sound all that great on paper but really works here. It’s a luxurious looking space and unlike many other clubs in town, well-lit enough that you can actually see who you are dancing with.

The club got a major technology upgrade in late 2014, adding $10 million worth of new lighting, flat panel TVs, pyro effects, and more. It is probably the most high-tech club in Vegas right now.

The dance floor has a full wall of windows that opens up onto an even bigger outdoor patio area complete with tables, fire pits, and its own pool. On warm nights this will be one of the best outdoor club areas in town.

Contemporary house, hip-hop, and a few dance-floor favorites from days of yore are all pumped through a state of the art sound system, enhanced by a dizzying array of dance floor lighting and other special effects. You don’t have to make your way to the dance floor to enjoy the grooves – find an open spot and let the spirit move you.

All of the seating (indoor and out) is reserved for bottle service so if you don’t want to pay those kinds of prices be sure to wear shoes that are comfortable enough to allow you to stand for hours.

Speaking of prices, nothing here is cheap, unsurprisingly. Expect at least a $30 cover and drink prices that are significantly higher than what you’ll pay at your neighborhood pub.

The crowd seems to be a comfortable mix of ages and types. Yes, you’ll see lots of party-hearty twenty-somethings but because of the pedigree and cost of the hotel in which it’s located, you will probably also have plenty of people in their thirties and forties enjoying the scene. Regardless of your age, you’ll definitely have to be the type that enjoys the traditional loud-music, high energy dance club vibe – this ain’t no retro lounge place.

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