Jo Jo’s Jerky


Jo Jo’s Jerky
Location: Downtown Container Park
707 E. Fremont St. #1080
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Contact: 702-812-2457
Hours: Sun-Thu 10am-9pm
Fri-Sat 10am-11pm
Type: Food
Vegas4Visitors Rating: B+

At a Glance

What is it?

A savory shop offering up a wide variety of beef, turkey, and other jerky products.

Where is it?

In the Downtown Container Park on East Fremont Street.

What do they sell?

Jerky, mostly, but also rubs and souvenir items (t-shirts and the like).

What are the prices like?

Not exactly cheap but not outrageous either.

What should I be sure to check out?

I liked the Caribbean Jerk jerky, and not just because it’s fun to say.

Why should I shop here?

Come on dude… it’s jerky!

What else do I need to know?

They have one spiced with the ghost pepper, widely considered to be the hottest on earth.

What’s the bottom line?

If you are a fan of jerky, this is a great place to stock up on some for the plane ride home.

Full Review

I’ve never been a huge fan of jerky. I don’t know why. I like meat, I like salt (which jerky usually has a lot of), and I like things with basically zero nutritional value, so I’m not sure why jerky has never done it for me but it just hasn’t.

Jo Jo’s could change all of that, or at least make me reconsider my stance.

Located at the Downtown Container Park, Jo Jo’s is a tiny slip of a place that has big attitude and flavor. You can get a wide variety of jerkies – beef, turkey, and even cactus – done with various spices including Original Pepper, Caribbean Jerk, Carne Asada, Wasabi Horseradish, and the like. As you can probably glean from the name, most are spicy to some degree or another; sample the Hell on Earth at your own risk as it uses the ghost pepper, widely considered to be the hottest in the world.

If you like the concept of the spices but not the jerky itself, you can get many of them as dry rubs that you can add to your own meats for barbeque or grilling.

And of course if you are really into the jerky lifestyle, you can buy all manner of gear – shirts, hats, and more.

I sampled several of the jerkies including the teriyaki, which was a little too bland, and the Thai Chili Beef, which was a little too spicy for me. Just right flavors to my palate were the Original Pepper and Caribbean Jerk, both of which had a great flavor and a good level of chewiness.

This stuff is not cheap but good stuff never is. A 3.5 ounce package (which is bigger than you think it is from that description) runs $8. Rubs are $7 and shirts… well, if you are seriously interested in getting a Jo Jo’s Jerky t-shirt you probably don’t really care how much it is.

There are lots of cool, interesting stores and restaurants in the Downtown Container Park and this is definitely one you shouldn’t miss.