Meadows Mall


Meadows Mall
Location: Northwest of The Strip
4300 Meadows Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89107
Contact: 702-878-3331
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-9pm
Sun 11am-6pm
Type: Mall
Vegas4Visitors Rating: B

At a Glance

What is it?

A suburban mall that is very much like the malls in your hometown.

Where is it?

North and west of The Strip – about 15 minute drive depending on traffic.

What do they sell?

Being a typical mall they have typical mall stuff. Anchor stores include Sears, JC Penny, Dillard’s, and Macy’s while among the more than 140 specialty stores are Avon Beauty Center, Disney Store, Foot Locker, GNC, Hallmark, Hot Topic, Kay Jewelers, Payless, Radio Shack, Sephora, Vans, and Victoria’s Secret.

What are the prices like?

Average for these kinds of retailers.

What should I be sure to check out?

There is not a lot here to get excited about unless visiting a regular mall excites you.

Why should I shop here?

Because you are in the neighborhood and you need a new pair of shoes.

What else do I need to know?

To be honest, that’s about it.

What’s the bottom line?

This just isn’t that exciting of a place and most Vegas visitors will not have a good reason to go here.

Full Review

If someone were to sedate you, put you on a plane, and then deposit you in the middle of the Meadows Mall, you would probably have absolutely no clue as to where you were when you woke up by looking at your surroundings. This Mall is as generic as they come, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – we need dependable, middle-market shopping malls, don’t we? But for most Vegas visitors, this is not the kind of place you would, or should, go out of your way to visit.

There are more than 140 stores but the most “exotic” of them is probably Victoria’s Secret. Many of the rest have middle-America brand names like Sears, Footlocker, and Radio Shack and there are a surprising number of stores from smaller retailers that you have most likely never heard of. The latter can be a bit of an impediment because if you need to return something, you can’t just run to your local mall to do so once you get home.

Again, I want to stress this: the Meadows Mall is nice and a perfectly good place to shop if you are in need of some clothes or shoes or other basics and you don’t want to pay the kinds of prices you have to pay at malls on or near The Strip. But there is no good reason to come here for anything other than that.