Linq Promenade


Linq Promenade
The Linq Hotel & Casino
3536 Las Vegas Blvd. S.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Prices Vary
Hours Vary
Vegas4Visitors Grade: A-

At a Glance

What is it?

An outdoor entertainment complex featuring bars, restaurants, and shops lining a pedestrian mall leading to the High Roller, a 550-foot tall observation wheel that is the biggest of its kind in the world.

Where is it?

In between The Linq and The Flamingo on the Center Strip.

Is it worth the cost?

It is free to walk through and window show; store and restaurant prices vary.

What else do I need to know?

They have a cupcake ATM. No, really.

What’s the bottom line?

An interesting detour from your walk along The Strip.

Full Review

Back in the day the idea of building a casino related facility that expressly kept people OUT of a casino would have been considered madness. But these days you have to remember that more than 50% of a resort’s revenue comes from things other than gambling, so perhaps it is no surprise that Caesars Entertainment has built The Linq.

The Linq Promenade is an outdoor entertainment and shopping district on The Strip in between The Flamingo and the Linq hotels, which has turned a service alley into a pedestrian mall lined with stores, restaurants, bars, and more. It’s sort of a miniature version of one of those malls designed to look like a city street (Los Angeles residents familiar with The Grove or Americana at Brand will know what I’m talking about) and has a pleasant vibe conducive to strolling, presuming it’s not too hot or too cold.

Along the route are new entrances to The Linq hotel and The Flamingo, the latter of which is flanked by big statues of the hotel’s namesake.

It’s only as wide as an alley, naturally, and as long as the hotels that adjoin it, which means that this is not an all-day destination. But if the weather is cooperating (not too hot, too cold, or raining like it was on one of the days I visited) it’s worth a stroll through. There are a few trees and fountains plus they have frequent live entertainment outside plus you can window shop, maybe grab a bite to eat, throw back a drink, and waste some time bowling or going around in a big circle (more on that in a moment).

While you are wandering through, there are few venues worth stopping at.

One of the anchors is Brooklyn Bowl, an 80,000 square-foot sister to popular NYC and London venues that features a restaurant, a bar, a bowling alley, and a performance space that hosts a wide variety of acts like The Roots, Elvis Costello, Cake, Jane’s Addiction, Fishbone, Steve Winwood, and more.

O’Sheas, the small casino that was torn down to make way for this project offers up cheap drinks, beer pong, a few gaming tables, and a guy dressed like a leprechaun, so there’s that.

Jimmy Kimmel has a comedy club here if you’re looking to get some laughs.

The Ghiradelli chocolate shop, which used to be located on the other side of The Linq in Carnaval Court, has relocated here and serves packaged goods, ice cream, and treats like chocolate covered strawberries. The latter are perfect for a warm day.

There are several other eateries including a quick-bite fish and chips joint from Gordon Ramsay, the Haute Doggery serving up fancy and really good hot dogs, The Strip only branch of the popular In ‘n Out hamburger chain, and more.

Goorin Brothers is a cute, little haberdashery, offering up hats of all different types from fedora to beanie while Photo & Go offers a chance for you to print out those photos from your phone. A bunch of other stores are interesting but none are exactly essential.

It all leads to the High Roller observation wheel, billed as the biggest of its kind in the world, standing at 550 feet high. If you’d prefer to fly from one end to the other instead of walking it, you can try out the Fly Linq zip lines, new as of late 2018.

2020 will see the addition of an immersive, interactive entertainment space called Kind Heaven, developed in part by Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell. Still not exactly sure what it’s going to be but they say they will have virtual reality monkey wrestling so I’m in.

Be sure to check out the related reviews below for more details on these stores, restaurants, and attractions.

Finally, behind the wheel is a new 19-acre parking lot that will host festivals and other outdoor events.

It’s worth noting that as with most places on The Strip these days, parking will cost you. Put your car in a space yourself at neighboring Linq or Flamingo hotels and it’ll cost you $12 per day. Valet at the hotels or at the back of the promenade will cost you $20 per day.

The Linq is a nice addition to the sprawl of the Center Strip and a nice alternative to the more maddening malls and casinos that surround it. It has a good layout, an eye-pleasing design, and an interesting roster of tenants and while you may not be able to waste a lot of time here, you’ll be able to waste enough to keep you entertained.